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About Us

Box-Swap.com is a community based on a love of subscription boxes and trust. 

With subscription boxes, you don’t always know what you’re going to get. Sometimes you get items you really want and sometimes you don’t. There are items you keep for yourself and others you might gift to friends or family. But what about those items that aren’t a great fit for you or anyone you know? Members often find themselves with an inventory of items that need a home. Yes, there’s several sites where you can try to sell those items. But why not swap them with other members who have items you really wanted but didn’t get? Or items from a subscription box you’d like to try but can’t commit to?  

Members often like to include added touches or little (sometimes big) extras based on your wish list in their packages. Friendships even form over time after repeated swaps with each other. Trust is built when items are received as agreed upon. Definitely no expired items and no ghosting! 

Box-Swap.com is not just a website, it’s a community.  Join and help us build our community! 


We want to make Box-Swap accessible to all visitors, including people with disabilities. If you’re having difficulty using Box-Swap.com and would like to share your experience or provide any feedback, email us at sub.box.swap@gmail.com. Please be sure to provide all relevant information including the type of device you are using and any steps that lead to the issue—we’ll be sure to pass this information along to the correct department as we continue to work on improving your Box-Swap experience.