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About Us

Box-Swap.com was created to fill the void left behind after MSA Swaps was shut down. The swaps and the swap community are greatly missed. If you don't know what MSA Swaps was, it was a place to swap items from subscription boxes. 

Box-Swap.com is not connected or similar to MSA Swaps in any way. Box-Swap.com uses software that is not currently customizable, so there is a learning curve. Your feedback is welcome. The site will be free until there are enough registered users that can pay $5 a month to contribute to customizing the site.

Box-Swap.com is for swapping subscription box items only. It is not for any type of sales. Any agreement you enter into with another member is at your own risk. Disputes can only be rectified by deactivating a member. That being said, Box-Swap.com is managed by one person who will try to help you as best as possible.

Happy swapping!


We want to make Box-Swap accessible to all visitors, including people with disabilities. If you’re having difficulty using Box-Swap.com and would like to share your experience or provide any feedback, email us at sub.box.swap@gmail.com. Please be sure to provide all relevant information including the type of device you are using and any steps that lead to the issue— as we continue to work on improving your Box-Swap experience.